meaning of while

1. Space of time, or continued duration, esp. when short; a time; as, one while we thought him innocent.
That which requires time; labor; pains.
To cause to pass away pleasantly or without irksomeness or disgust; to spend or pass; -- usually followed by away.
To loiter.
During the time that; as long as; whilst; at the same time that; as, while I write, you sleep.
Hence, under which circumstances; in which case; though; whereas.
Until; till.
while The loop construct found in nearly all imperative programming languages which executes one or more instructions the "loop body" repeatedly so long as some condition evaluates to true. In contrast to a repeat loop, the loop body will not be executed at all if the condition is false on entry to the while. For example, in C, a while loop is written while ; where is any expression and is any statement, including a compound statement within braces ". . ".
a period of indeterminate length usually short marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad ">weather"

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