meaning of loop

1. A mass of iron in a pasty condition gathered into a ball for the tilt hammer or rolls.
A fold or doubling of a thread, cord, rope, etc. , through which another thread, cord, etc. , can be passed, or which a hook can be hooked into; an eye, as of metal; a staple; a noose; a bight.
A small, narrow opening; a loophole.
A curve of any kind in the form of a loop.
A wire forming part of a main circuit and returning to the point from which it starts.
The portion of a vibrating string, air column, etc. , between two nodes; -- called also ventral segment.
To make a loop of or in; to fasten with a loop or loops; -- often with up; as, to loop a string; to loop up a curtain.
a flight maneuver; aircraft flies a complete circle in the vertical plane

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