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1. WfMC Workflow Management Coalition WFW Windows for Workgroups WFWG Windows for Workgroups WG Working Group WGL Waveform Generation Language whack According to arch-hacker James Gosling, to ". . . modify a program with no idea whatsoever how it works. " See whacker. It is actually possible to do this in nontrivial circumstances if the change is small and well-defined and you are very good at glarking things from context. As a trivial example, it is relatively easy to change all "stderr" writes to "stdout" writes in a piece of C filter code which remains otherwise mysterious. [Jargon File] whacker [University of Maryland: from hacker] 1. A person, similar to a hacker, who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities. Whereas a hacker tends to produce great hacks, a whacker only ends up whacking the system or program in question. Whackers are often quite egotistical and eager to claim wizard status, regardless of the views of their peers. 2. A person who is good at programming quickly, though rather poorly and ineptly. whales See like kicking dead whales down the beach. [Jargon File] whalesong The peculiar clicking and whooshing sounds made by a PEP modem such as the Telebit Trailblazer as it tries to synchronise with another PEP modem for their special high-speed mode. This sound isnt anything like the normal two-tone handshake between conventional modems and is instantly recognizable to anyone who has heard it more than once. It sounds, in fact, very much like whale songs. This noise is also called "the moose call" or "moose tones". whatis 1. A Unix command which searches for a given string in the headings of all man pages. 2. A command which searches the archie Software Description Database for a given string, with case being ignored.

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