meaning of funky

1. Pertaining to, or characterized by, great fear, or funking.
funky Said of something that functions, but in a slightly strange, klugey way. It does the job and would be difficult to change, so its obvious non-optimality is left alone. Often used to describe interfaces. The more bugs something has that nobody has bothered to fix because workarounds are easier, the funkier it is. TECO and UUCP are funky. The Intel i860s exception handling is extraordinarily funky. Most standards acquire funkiness as they age. "The new mailer is installed, but is still somewhat funky; if it bounces your mail for no reason, try resubmitting it. " "This UART is pretty funky. The data ready line is active-high in interrupt mode and active-low in DMA mode. " [Jargon File] FUNLOG Functional programming plus unification. "Lazy" in the sense that expressions are reduced only if they are not unifiable. ["FUNLOG: A Computational Model Integrating Logic Programming and Functional Programming", P. A. Subrahmanyam et al, in Logic Programming: Functions, Relations and Equations, D. DeGroot et al eds, P-H 1986]. FunnelWeb A literate-programming tool by Ross Williams adelaide. edu. au>. It emphasises simplicity and reliability. It provides a macro facility and assists in the production of typeset documentation. It is independent of the input programming language. Posted to comp. sources. unix volume 26 under CopyLeft. Runs on Sun, Vax, Macintosh and IBM PC.

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