meaning of write

1. To set down, as legible characters; to form the conveyance of meaning; to inscribe on any material by a suitable instrument; as, to write the characters called letters; to write figures.
To set down for reading; to express in legible or intelligible characters; to inscribe; as, to write a deed; to write a bill of divorcement; hence, specifically, to set down in an epistle; to communicate by letter.
Hence, to compose or produce, as an author.
To impress durably; to imprint; to engrave; as, truth written on the heart.
To make known by writing; to record; to prove by ones own written testimony; -- often used reflexively.
To form characters, letters, or figures, as representative of sounds or ideas; to express words and sentences by written signs.
To be regularly employed or occupied in writing, copying, or accounting; to act as clerk or amanuensis; as, he writes in one of the public offices.
To frame or combine ideas, and express them in written words; to play the author; to recite or relate in books; to compose.
To compose or send letters.
communicate or express by writing; "Please write to me every ">week"

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