meaning of bell

1. A hollow metallic vessel, usually shaped somewhat like a cup with a flaring mouth, containing a clapper or tongue, and giving forth a ringing sound on being struck.
A hollow perforated sphere of metal containing a loose ball which causes it to sound when moved.
Anything in the form of a bell, as the cup or corol of a flower.
That part of the capital of a column included between the abacus and neck molding; also used for the naked core of nearly cylindrical shape, assumed to exist within the leafage of a capital.
The strikes of the bell which mark the time; or the time so designated.
To put a bell upon; as, to bell the cat.
To make bell-mouthed; as, to bell a tube.
To develop bells or corollas; to take the form of a bell; to blossom; as, hops bell.
To utter by bellowing.
To call or bellow, as the deer in rutting time; to make a bellowing sound; to roar.
An infusorian of the family Vorticellidae, common in fresh-water ponds.
A Brazilian leaf hopper (Bocydium tintinnabuliferum), remarkable for the four bell-shaped appendages of its thorax.
A hard alloy or bronze, consisting usually of about three parts of copper to one of tin; -- used for making bells.
A lever whose two arms form a right angle, or nearly a right angle, having its fulcrum at the apex of the angle. It is used in bell pulls and in changing the direction of bell wires at angles of rooms, etc. , and also in machinery.
A species of Capsicum, or Guinea pepper (C. annuum). It is the red pepper of the gardens.
A glass vessel, varying in size, open at the bottom and closed at the top like a bell, and having a knob or handle at the top for lifting it. It is used for a great variety of purposes; as, with the air pump, and for holding gases, also for keeping the dust from articles exposed to view.
BELL An early system on the IBM 650 and Datatron 200 series. Versions: BELL L2, BELL L3. [Listed in CACM 25:16 May 1959]. [Is Datatron version the same?]
Bell Bell Telephone or Bell Laboratories.
bell ASCII 7, ASCII mnemonic "BEL", the character code which prodces a standard audibile warning from the computer or terminal. In the teletype days it really was bell, since the advent of the VDU it is more likely to be a sound sample e. g. the sound of a bell played through a loudspeaker. Also called "G-bell", because it is typed as Control-G. The term "beep" is preferred among some microcomputer hobbyists. Compare feep, visible bell.
a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck

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