meaning of device

1. That which is devised, or formed by design; a contrivance; an invention; a project; a scheme; often, a scheme to deceive; a stratagem; an artifice.
Power of devising; invention; contrivance.
An emblematic design, generally consisting of one or more figures with a motto, used apart from heraldic bearings to denote the historical situation, the ambition, or the desire of the person adopting it. See Cognizance.
Improperly, an heraldic bearing.
Anything fancifully conceived.
A spectacle or show.
Opinion; decision.
device peripheral Device Control One of the four ASCII characters, DC1, DC2, DC3, and DC4, once used to remotely control equipment e. g. a paper tape reader via electromagnetic switches. The characters were usually paired, DC1/DC3 turning one device on/off, and DC2/DC4 another. [Other examples of equipment?]
any clever deceptive maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a ">point"

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