meaning of view

1. The act of seeing or beholding; sight; look; survey; examination by the eye; inspection.
Mental survey; intellectual perception or examination; as, a just view of the arguments or facts in a case.
Power of seeing, either physically or mentally; reach or range of sight; extent of prospect.
That which is seen or beheld; sight presented to the natural or intellectual eye; scene; prospect; as, the view from a window.
The pictorial representation of a scene; a sketch, /ither drawn or painted; as, a fine view of Lake George.
Mode of looking at anything; manner of apprehension; conception; opinion; judgment; as, to state ones views of the policy which ought to be pursued.
That which is looked towards, or kept in sight, as object, aim, intention, purpose, design; as, he did it with a view of escaping.
Appearance; show; aspect.
To see; to behold; especially, to look at with attention, or for the purpose of examining; to examine with the eye; to inspect; to explore.
To survey or examine mentally; to consider; as, to view the subject in all its aspects.
the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was ">limited"

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