meaning of world

1. The earth and the surrounding heavens; the creation; the system of created things; existent creation; the universe.
Any planet or heavenly body, especially when considered as inhabited, and as the scene of interests analogous with human interests; as, a plurality of worlds.
The earth and its inhabitants, with their concerns; the sum of human affairs and interests.
In a more restricted sense, that part of the earth and its concerns which is known to any one, or contemplated by any one; a division of the globe, or of its inhabitants; human affairs as seen from a certain position, or from a given point of view; also, state of existence; scene of life and action; as, the Old World; the New World; the religious world; the Catholic world; the upper world; the future world; the heathen world.
The customs, practices, and interests of men; general affairs of life; human society; public affairs and occupations; as, a knowledge of the world.
Individual experience of, or concern with, life; course of life; sum of the affairs which affect the individual; as, to begin the world with no property; to lose all, and begin the world anew.
The inhabitants of the earth; the human race; people in general; the public; mankind.
The earth and its affairs as distinguished from heaven; concerns of this life as distinguished from those of the life to come; the present existence and its interests; hence, secular affairs; engrossment or absorption in the affairs of this life; worldly corruption; the ungodly or wicked part of mankind.
As an emblem of immensity, a great multitude or quantity; a large number.
the concerns of the world as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife; "they consider the church to be independent of the ">world"

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