meaning of second

1. Immediately following the first; next to the first in order of place or time; hence, occuring again; another; other.
Next to the first in value, power, excellence, dignity, or rank; secondary; subordinate; inferior.
Being of the same kind as another that has preceded; another, like a protype; as, a second Cato; a second Troy; a second deluge.
One who, or that which, follows, or comes after; one next and inferior in place, time, rank, importance, excellence, or power.
One who follows or attends another for his support and aid; a backer; an assistant; specifically, one who acts as anothers aid in a duel.
Aid; assistance; help.
An article of merchandise of a grade inferior to the best; esp. , a coarse or inferior kind of flour.
The sixtieth part of a minute of time or of a minute of space, that is, the second regular subdivision of the degree; as, sound moves about 1,140 English feet in a second; five minutes and ten seconds north of this place.
In the duodecimal system of mensuration, the twelfth part of an inch or prime; a line. See Inch, and Prime, n. , 8.
The interval between any tone and the tone which is represented on the degree of the staff next above it.
The second part in a concerted piece; -- often popularly applied to the alto.
To follow in the next place; to succeed; to alternate.
To follow or attend for the purpose of assisting; to support; to back; to act as the second of; to assist; to forward; to encourage.
Specifically, to support, as a motion or proposal, by adding ones voice to that of the mover or proposer.
the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed near 2nd base

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