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1. PLACE Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment. ["The Compiler for the Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment PLACE", AFAPL TR-68-27, Battelle Inst, Columbus, May 1968]. PLAGO A translator-interpreter for a PL/I subset. "PLAGO/360 Users Manual, Poly Inst Brooklyn. plaid screen [XEROX PARC] A "special effect" that occurs when certain kinds of memory smashes overwrite the control blocks or image memory of a bit-mapped display. The term "salt and pepper" may refer to a different pattern of similar origin. Though the term as coined at PARC refers to the result of an error, some of the X demos induce plaid-screen effects deliberately as a display hack. [Jargon File] PLAIN Programming LAnguage for INteraction. Pascal-like, with extensions for database, string handling, exceptions and pattern matching. "Revised Report on the Programming Language PLAIN", A. Wasserman, SIGPLAN Notices 65:59-80 May 1981. plain ASCII /playn-askee/ flat ASCII. [Jargon File] Plain Old Documentation pod, occasionally "POD" A simple markup language used to embed documentation, literate programming-style, in Perl programs. Pod readers and converters are part of the standard Perl distribution and the documentation provided with Perl is all in pod format. The Pod Specification http://www. perl. com/CPAN-local/doc/manual/html/pod/perlpod. ht
a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the ">treasury"

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