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1. hysterical reasons Or "hysterical raisins" A variant on the stock phrase "for historical reasons", indicating specifically that something must be done in some stupid way for backward compatibility, and moreover that the feature it must be compatible with was the result of a bad design in the first place. "All IBM PC video adaptors have to support MDA text mode for hysterical reasons. " Compare bug-for-bug compatible. [Jargon File] Hytelnet A hypertext database of publicly accessible Internet sites created and maintained by Peter Scott usask. ca>. Hytelnet currently lists over 1400 sites, including Libraries, Campus-Wide Information Systems, Gopher, WAIS, WWW and Freenets. Hytelnet software is available for the IBM PC, Macintosh, Unix and VMS systems. ftp://ftp. usask. ca/pub/hytelnet 128. 233. 3. 11. Telnet telnet://access. usask. ca/, login: hytelnet. Mailing list: listserv@library. berkeley. edu no subject, body: subscribe hytelnet FirstName LastName.

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