meaning of leaves

1. pl. of Leaf.
of Leaf
leaves leaf LEC Local Exchange Carrier LECOM Version of COMIT on GE 225 ca. 1966. Sammet 1969, p. 419. LED Light-Emitting Diode. LEDA Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms Leda A multi-paradigm language imperative, declarative, procedural, applicative, functional, logic, and object-oriented! by Tim Budd orst. edu>, Oregon State U, 1990-1993. ["Blending Imperative and Relational Programming", Tim Budd, IEEE Software 81:58-65 Jan 1991]. Forthcoming book. ftp://cs. orst. edu/pub/budd/leda/. LED page printer LED printer LED printer Or "LED page printer" A printer which is similar in operation to a laser printer, but where an array of LEDs is used in place of the laser.

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