meaning of guard

1. To protect from danger; to secure against surprise, attack, or injury; to keep in safety; to defend; to shelter; to shield from surprise or attack; to protect by attendance; to accompany for protection; to care for.
To keep watch over, in order to prevent escape or restrain from acts of violence, or the like.
To protect the edge of, esp. with an ornamental border; hence, to face or ornament with lists, laces, etc.
To fasten by binding; to gird.
To watch by way of caution or defense; to be caution; to be in a state or position of defense or safety; as, careful persons guard against mistakes.
One who, or that which, guards from injury, danger, exposure, or attack; defense; protection.
A man, or body of men, stationed to protect or control a person or position; a watch; a sentinel.
One who has charge of a mail coach or a railway train; a conductor.
Any fixture or attachment designed to protect or secure against injury, soiling, or defacement, theft or loss
That part of a sword hilt which protects the hand.
Ornamental lace or hem protecting the edge of a garment.
A chain or cord for fastening a watch to ones person or dress.
A fence or rail to prevent falling from the deck of a vessel.
An extension of the deck of a vessel beyond the hull; esp. , in side-wheel steam vessels, the framework of strong timbers, which curves out on each side beyond the paddle wheel, and protects it and the shaft against collision.
A plate of metal, beneath the stock, or the lock frame, of a gun or pistol, having a loop, called a bow, to protect the trigger.
An interleaved strip at the back, as in a scrap book, to guard against its breaking when filled.
A posture of defense in fencing, and in bayonet and saber exercise.
An expression or admission intended to secure against objections or censure.
Watch; heed; care; attention; as, to keep guard.
The fibrous sheath which covers the phragmacone of the Belemnites.
guard 1. In functional programming, a Boolean expression attached to a function definition specifying when for what arguments that definition is appropriate. 2. In parallel logic programming, a Boolean expression which is used to select a clause from several alternative matching clauses. See Guarded Horn Clauses. 3. In parallel languages, a Boolean expression which specifies when an message may be sent or received.
a position on a basketball team

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