meaning of strict

1. Strained; drawn close; tight; as, a strict embrace; a strict ligature.
Tense; not relaxed; as, a strict fiber.
Exact; accurate; precise; rigorously nice; as, to keep strict watch; to pay strict attention.
Governed or governing by exact rules; observing exact rules; severe; rigorous; as, very strict in observing the Sabbath.
Rigidly; interpreted; exactly limited; confined; restricted; as, to understand words in a strict sense.
Upright, or straight and narrow; -- said of the shape of the plants or their flower clusters.
strict A function f is strict in an argument if f bottom = bottom See bottom. In other words, the result depends on the argument so evaluation of an application of the function cannot terminate until evaluation of the argument has terminated. If the result is only bottom when the argument is bottom then the function is also bottom-unique. See also strict evaluation, hyperstrict.
severe and unremitting in making demands; "an exacting instructor"; "a stern disciplinarian"; "strict ">standards"

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