meaning of name

1. The title by which any person or thing is known or designated; a distinctive specific appellation, whether of an individual or a class.
A descriptive or qualifying appellation given to a person or thing, on account of a character or acts.
Reputed character; reputation, good or bad; estimation; fame; especially, illustrious character or fame; honorable estimation; distinction.
Those of a certain name; a race; a family.
A person, an individual.
To give a distinctive name or appellation to; to entitle; to denominate; to style; to call.
To mention by name; to utter or publish the name of; to refer to by distinctive title; to mention.
To designate by name or specifically for any purpose; to nominate; to specify; to appoint; as, to name a day for the wedding.
To designate (a member) by name, as the Speaker does by way of reprimand.
by the sanction or authority of; "halt in the name of the ">law"

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