meaning of moderate

1. Kept within due bounds; observing reasonable limits; not excessive, extreme, violent, or rigorous; limited; restrained
Limited in quantity; sparing; temperate; frugal; as, moderate in eating or drinking; a moderate table.
Limited in degree of activity, energy, or excitement; reasonable; calm; slow; as, moderate language; moderate endeavors.
Not extreme in opinion, in partisanship, and the like; as, a moderate Calvinist.
Not violent or rigorous; temperate; mild; gentle; as, a moderate winter.
Limited as to degree of progress; as, to travel at moderate speed.
Limited as to the degree in which a quality, principle, or faculty appears; as, an infusion of moderate strength; a man of moderate abilities.
Limited in scope or effects; as, a reformation of a moderate kind.
One of a party in the Church of Scotland in the 18th century, and part of the 19th, professing moderation in matters of church government, in discipline, and in doctrine.
To restrain from excess of any kind; to reduce from a state of violence, intensity, or excess; to keep within bounds; to make temperate; to lessen; to allay; to repress; to temper; to qualify; as, to moderate rage, action, desires, etc. ; to moderate heat or wind.
To preside over, direct, or regulate, as a public meeting; as, to moderate a synod.
To become less violent, severe, rigorous, or intense; as, the wind has moderated.
To preside as a moderator.

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