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1. J is the tenth letter of the English alphabet. It is a later variant form of the Roman letter I, used to express a consonantal sound, that is, originally, the sound of English y in yet. The forms J and I have, until a recent time, been classed together, and they have been used interchangeably.
J A derivative and redesign of APL with added features and control structures. J is purely functional with lexical scope and more conventional control structures, plus several new concepts such as function rank and function arrays. J was designed and developed by Kennneth E. Iverson and Roger Hui ipsa. reuter. com>. J uses only the ASCII character set but has a spelling scheme that retains the advantages of APLs special alphabet. J is a conventional procedural programming language but can be used as a purely functional language. Version 4. 1 for MS-DOS, Sun, Mac, Archimedes. Source available in C from Iverson Software, +1 416 925 6096. Version 6 package from ISI includes an interpreter and tutorial. Ported to DEC, NeXT, SGI, Sun-3, Sun-4, Vax, RS/6000, MIPS, Macintosh, Acorn Archimedes, IBM PC, Atari, 3b1, Amiga. ftp://watserv1. waterloo. edu/languages/apl/j. J-mode GNU Emacs macros available by ftp://think. com/pub/j/gmacs/j-interaction-mode. el. ["APL?", Roger K. W. Hui et al, APL90 Conf Proc, Quote Quad 204:192-200].
the 10th letter of the Roman alphabet

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