meaning of gloss

1. Brightness or luster of a body proceeding from a smooth surface; polish; as, the gloss of silk; cloth is calendered to give it a gloss.
A specious appearance; superficial quality or show.
To give a superficial luster or gloss to; to make smooth and shining; as, to gloss cloth.
A foreign, archaic, technical, or other uncommon word requiring explanation.
An interpretation, consisting of one or more words, interlinear or marginal; an explanatory note or comment; a running commentary.
A false or specious explanation.
To render clear and evident by comments; to illustrate; to explain; to annotate.
To give a specious appearance to; to render specious and plausible; to palliate by specious explanation.
To make comments; to comment; to explain.
To make sly remarks, or insinuations.
an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading; "he hoped his claims would have a semblance of authenticity"; "he tried to give his falsehood the gloss of moral sanction"; "the situation soon took on a different ">color"

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