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1. games "The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted. " -- Bertrand Russell. Here are some games-related pages on the Web: Imperial Nomic http://www. mit. edu:8001/people/achmed/fascist/, Thoths games and recreations page http://www. cis. ufl. edu/~thoth/library/recreation. html, Games Domain http://wcl-rs. bham. ac. uk/GamesDomain, ZarfsList of Games on the Web http://www. leftfoot. com/games. html, Daves list of pointers to games resources http://wcl-rs. bham. ac. uk/~djh/index. html, Collaborative Fiction http://asylum. cid. com/fiction/fiction. html. See also 3DO, ADL, ADVENT, ADVSYS, alpha/beta pruning, Amiga, CHIP-8, Core Wars, DROOL, empire, I see no X here. , Infocom, Inglish, initgame, life, minimax, moria, mudhead, multi-user Dimension, nethack, ogg, plugh, rogue, SPACEWAR, virtual reality, wizard mode, wumpus, xyzzy, ZIL, zorkmid. See also game theory.

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