meaning of gain

1. A square or beveled notch cut out of a girder, binding joist, or other timber which supports a floor beam, so as to receive the end of the floor beam.
Convenient; suitable; direct; near; handy; dexterous; easy; profitable; cheap; respectable.
That which is gained, obtained, or acquired, as increase, profit, advantage, or benefit; -- opposed to loss.
The obtaining or amassing of profit or valuable possessions; acquisition; accumulation.
To get, as profit or advantage; to obtain or acquire by effort or labor; as, to gain a good living.
To come off winner or victor in; to be successful in; to obtain by competition; as, to gain a battle; to gain a case at law; to gain a prize.
To draw into any interest or party; to win to ones side; to conciliate.
To reach; to attain to; to arrive at; as, to gain the top of a mountain; to gain a good harbor.
To get, incur, or receive, as loss, harm, or damage.
To have or receive advantage or profit; to acquire gain; to grow rich; to advance in interest, health, or happiness; to make progress; as, the sick man gains daily.

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