meaning of churches

1. A building set apart for Christian worship.
A Jewish or heathen temple.
A formally organized body of Christian believers worshiping together.
A body of Christian believers, holding the same creed, observing the same rites, and acknowledging the same ecclesiastical authority; a denomination; as, the Roman Catholic church; the Presbyterian church.
The collective body of Christians.
Any body of worshipers; as, the Jewish church; the church of Brahm.
The aggregate of religious influences in a community; ecclesiastical influence, authority, etc. ; as, to array the power of the church against some moral evil.
To bless according to a prescribed form, or to unite with in publicly returning thanks in church, as after deliverance from the dangers of childbirth; as, the churching of women.
The modes or scales used in ancient church music. See Gregorian.
a service conducted in a church; "dont be late for ">church"

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